Player Interview with Sutherland Sharks star Adriana Michael


Player Interview with Sutherland Sharks Star Adriana Michael

Adriana Michael
Occupation: Student. Currently studying Bachelor of Physical & Health Education at University of Wollongong.
Representative honours: NSW Under 14 & Under 15 Schoolgirls
Which junior club did you play for? : Connell?s Point Rovers Under 10?s. I joined Sutherland Sharks to play reps when I reached Under 12?s.
Players you admire? : Lucas Neill and Steven Gerard
Most respected opponent? : Kylie Ledbrook of Macarthur Rams
Interests outside of football? : Hanging out with friends and shopping.
Favourite meal before a game? : I can?t eat before a game! It makes me sick! I do love a Curly Wurly though. It?s my usual pre game snack.
Who?d be your ideal dinner date? : Billy Slater!!! He?s SO sexy! Patrick Dempsey. He has dreamy eyes and Chris Noth (Mr Big of Sex and the City fame).
Favourite football memory? : I have two. One is saving the ball of the line to help get Sydney East through t the semis back in 2006. The other would be Winning the Grand Final with Sutherland Sharks in 2003.
The teams to beat in the Arrive Alive NSW Women?s Premier League? : Definitely the NWS Koalas and Macarthur Rams.
Thanks for your time Adriana. Good luck to you and The Sharks for the rest of the 2008 season.