Player Interview with UNSW?s Number One import – Christi Tims


Christi Tims
Christi is an exchange student who?s been in Australia since February.
Christi hails from Cleveland, Ohio in the USA. She had visited Australia with a junior soccer team about 5 years ago, loved the country, and made plans to return. Christi had really only seen Sydney in that first trip but wanted to see more of Oz.
Christi became an exchange student because she wanted to travel and meet new people. She leaves our shore at the end of this week to return home to Cleveland. Christi says that the thing she?ll miss most about Australia is the beaches! She?s certainly looking forward to getting home though and bringing a touch of normality back to life.
Last weekend was Christi?s last game for UNSW. She managed to end her stay with a touch of flair; scoring a goal in both Grade 21 and First Grade. This girl has a sense of timing. These were her first goals of the season, saved for her farewell game!
Occupation: Student. I?m studying Early Childhood Education with the view of becoming a school teacher. I?m in my second year at the moment.
Representative honours: Represented my school, Marietta College, back home in Cleveland. I also received an All Cleveland Honourable Mention for our conference.
Which junior club did you play for? : I started playing in the Under 5?s with AYSO in Pennsylvania. When I got a bit older I began playing in all girl tournaments/competitions with Laurel Highland FC.
Why football? : My older brother was playing. My parents thought it would be good to have me play as well. Once I scored my first goal I just fell in love with the sport.
Players you admire? : Mia Haim
Most respected opponent? : Hmm, that?s a hard one. Having only been here since February I don?t know all the teams and players as well as I might. There was a girl who played against us last Sunday for Blacktown Spartans who?s a very good player. She?s tall, has short hair and played sweeper. I?m sorry but I don?t know her name!
Interests outside of football? : My work at day care. I really enjoy working with children. I also like running and working out. I love going to the beach and travelling is fun.
Favourite meal before a game? : Meat Pies and sausage sandwiches! (Please note, this reporter has been waiting for months to hear a player give this answer!!! Christi, can you please stay in Australia!). Our team also like to have some lollies before a game.
Who?d be your ideal dinner date? : Matthew McConaughey. He?s beautiful??
Your favourite football memory? : Scoring my first goal in the Under 5?s. It was the last ten seconds of the championship game. I was one of those kids who didn?t move very much but the ball fell right at my feet and I kicked it into the goal. My coach went wild, lifting me up in the air. Everyone cheered. Soccer was my game after that!
Who are the teams to beat in the Arrive Alive NSW Women?s Super League in 2008? : The team from Wollongong? Illawarra Stingrays? They smashed us. They are a very good team.
Thank you for your time Christi. Have a safe trip home. Please pass on our best wishes to all the footballing fraternity in Cleveland, Ohio. We hope to see you back in Australia again soon!
-By Ross Anderson