Chris ‘Big Yin’ Boyle


?I came over to Australia and decided to sign up with Sydney United because they are an ambitious club and have high expectations and that sort of matches me and is something that excited me and made me want to be a [part of it,? he says.
However, moving from the northern to southern hemisphere is never easy but it can at least be made less of a hassle accompanied with the right attitude and lads that make it easier: ?We have a great laugh in the dressing room and the banter is always good which makes it easier to settle in, especially when coming from another country.
?It?s fair to say that the team has bonded exceptionally well but that?s the thing in football, it?s not about the culture because the game is the pretty much the same the world over and it?s always about the game.?
Born in 1982 the likeable Scot played for both Kilmarnock and Dumbarton and says that making the Killie first team was an honour in his formative years as was being named Player-of-the-Year at Dumbarton but the trophy room remains bare at present which is something he wants to rectify with United before too much longer, his visa runs out at the end of the season!
?I?ll be doing everything possible to extend my stay in Australia.
?It?s a fantastic place and I came here to win and if my visa isn?t extended then I want to go out as a winner for myself but also for Sydney United and the fans who have been so fantastic to me in my short stay so far.?
Boyle is impressed with the set-up of the club and feels that should United keep the core of young talent they have at present and they progress then things look really good although he will never concede this season is over until the final ball has been kicked: ?We are still in with a shout and starting to find some consistency,? cites the left-midfielder.
?We realise to win the Grand Final this term is like climbing a mountain, but it?s something we are prepared for and will pushing to do.?
Spirited words and one could almost be forgiven for thinking the lad is a dour, gloom laden young man but nothing could be further from the truth.
After a pre-season tour of England in his younger days and after the final match, the guys decided to opt for a few bevvies and a laugh, much like ?Mad Monday? here.
Upon returning to their hotel they decided it would be a good laugh to ?borrow? a team-mates spare room key so they could pop in and say ?hello??..with a fire extinguisher.
So in they poured, extinguisher going ninety to the dozen and coating everything?..including the old couple staying there who, in fright, thought they were being robbed and the aged lady began screaming as glistened white from head to toe.
Although not funny for the old couple, when looking back you have to see the lighter side of things and but for some bad luck, or possibly bleary eyes after a night of excess, in obtaining the wrong key, it would certainly have been a funnier tale to tell, although it gives an insight to larrikin ways.
It?s alleged that Stan Collymore was sacked by Leicester City for pulling the same stunt but that, as they say, remains hidden in the annuls of football folk lore so we?ll have to wait for his next autobiography to know the answer perhaps?
Chris Boyle, talented footballer, very pleasant company and a terrific story-teller but I?m not sure I?d spend a night at his place after a night out!
By Micky Brock