Referee Talent Watch – Nicholas Tragoustis

a person holding a football ball on a field

25-year-old Nicholas has been chosen as this month’s talent watch referee as positive reports have been received regarding his performances on and off the field.
Nick, known as by his mates joined the NSW State League Football Referee’s Division last year from the Sydney Schools Soccer Referee’s Body where he came highly recommended. At the tail end of last year Nick was fortunate to be selected in the NSWSFLR mentor program that was initiated by the Division and implemented this season.
Nick embraced the program from the moment he was selected and now finds himself refereeing constantly in the Telechoice Premier League U/20 competition. As we are well in the season Nick has been able to show his talent and validate how the mentor program has enhanced his refereeing.
Based on his on-field performance to date, Nick has definitely improved his refereeing, evidence of this is supported by the many assessors that have watched Nick go around the park. Assessors have identified and commented on many strong points in Nick’s game such as:
“Nick is a very good listener, implements advise given on his game” a crucial ingredient for any referee.
“He is a level headed referee, does not loose his cool.”
“He possesses strong management skills.”
“Good communication with players.”
“He is a team player, uses his assistant referees effectively.”
“Appears to be lifting in confidence with every game.”
“Nick has most traits that referees needs to progress, he just needs more exposure.”
Learn more about Nick below
Q. Why did you choose to take up refereeing?
A.  Something that I always wanted to
Q. Have you played the game?
A. Yes, I played at district level for about thirteen years
Q. Apart from football what sport do you like to watch or participate in?
A. I like watching and playing tennis
Q. Is there a sporting idol in Michael’s life?
A. Yes, Roberto Rosetti (Italian Referee) and Marco Rodrguez (Mexican Referee)
Q. When not refereeing what do you like to do?
A. Apart from catching up with friends I fill in the spare time with a lot physical work, such as swimming, Gym work etc…
Q. And finally, in refereeing sense, where would you like to see yourself in five years time?
A. My goal is to be part of the Hyundai A-League
Off the field Nick comes across as a true gentlemen, always polite, respects views from all and has a positive outlook in life.
We all wish Nick good luck in his quest to become a Hyundai A-League referee.
-By Sandro Perticarini