Experienced defenders guiding Sydney United to the top


The boys from Edensor Park sit comfortably on top of the TeleChoice Premier League competition, claiming 16 out of a possible 18 points.
The list of reasons is a long one – Ante Milicic? David Zdrilic? Luka Glavas?
But the unsung heroes behind the red and white brigade in 2009 have been the club?s defensive trio of Milan Bosnar, Joe Vrkic and Damon Collina.
United have held out their opponents to keep a clean sheet on four occasions, having only conceded a mere three goals from the club?s first six appearances.
It is known fact that championships are built on defence, and good defence is built on a strong understanding between the defenders, a skill the Reds have mastered over several seasons.
Milan Bosnar burst on to the scene as a young gun during United?s last years in the NSL, coincidentally alongside Vrkic and Collina.
?We are fortunate that we have been together for such a long time because it helps with the understanding and communication,? Bosnar said.
?Over the last five seasons Joey has helped me out a lot, his experience means a lot to me and I know it means a lot to Damo as well.?
The Reds are a team renowned for its attacking flare, having produced some of the most prolific and talented strikers this country has ever seen.
But they are a club who also pride themselves on their defensive efforts.
?Our saying is if we don?t concede we don?t lose,? Bosnar said.
If a team is able to penetrate United?s defence, then the assignment of hitting the back of the net doesn?t get any easier with young Vedran Janjetovic between the posts, a keeper that Bosnar rates as one of the most talented to come out of Edensor Park.
?Being so young he is excellent and his communication at the back is really good,?? Bosnar said.
?He has the confidence to come out to the ball and you don?t see that often.?
?He is a strong keeper who doesn?t get pushed off the ball.?
Janjetovic has rescued his side on numerous occasions already this season, the most memorable being the penalty save in injury time to deny the Sutherland Sharks victory in round four.
-By Michael Chammas