Marando focused on regrouping his struggling side


Winless in their last three matches, the Blues seemed to be lacking in many areas of the park in their 4-1 loss to Blacktown last week.
Marando admits his team needs a bit of mental strength to guide them through this tough period.
“My players have been a bit na?ve as of late,?? he said.
“They basically have been putting themselves in positions where they know they will not win.
“We basically have to regroup and look forward rather than look back and regret.
Sydney Olympic welcomed back Ian Ramsey and Emmanuel Giannaros to their side last week, but Marando says they will be better prepared for the game against Manly.
“Getting back Ian Ramsey and Manny Giannaros is a plus in one way but a negative in another way as they haven?t been with us for over three months,?? Marando said.
“Last week it was quite difficult for them to find some rhythm with the players around them and they were sometimes found wanting.??
Olympic have conceded six goals in their last two games, and Marando knows it is definitely a problem area.
“We need some work at the back.,?? he said.
“We will be looking to get a few players back on deck.
“We?ll also be working on our team shape.
Manly United themselves have had a slow start to the season but seem to lift a gear at their home ground.
“It will definitely be a tough game at Cromer this weekend,?? Marando said.
“If Robbie Cattanach is playing he is always a danger player.
“But they always are powerful all over the park. They will be fighting for a result, getting players forward just as they normally do and playing diagonal balls flooding the area.??
Manly United will face Sydney Olympic at Cromer Park on Sunday with kick off set for 6pm.
-By Christopher Georges