Arrive alive WSL Player Feature with Gladesville Ravens? Hannah Maree Vousden.


1) Your name and occupation?
Hannah Maree Vousden and I?m currently a student at Macquarie Uni.
2) Your favoured playing position?
My favourite position is left defender  but I?ll play anywhere on the park.
3) What was your first junior club?
Gladesville Ravens U11s – Once a Raven always a Raven!!
4) What made you take up football?
I always loved playing football in the backyard with my sisters when we were younger. Dad then encouraged the 3 of us to start playing competitively and coached me during my first years of football.
5) Who has been your most positive influence on your football career?
Definitely my Dad. Not only was he an awesome coach while I was a junior, but he still comes and supports me every Sunday. He gives me the best advice and encouragement which has allowed me to develop as a player and enjoy myself while doing it.
In recent years Paul Wade and the girls at Ravens have made me look forward to every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I really love being surrounded by passionate players and coaches who have taught me a lot about the game. Paul is a very inspirational coach who has helped me play more confidently. 
6) Which footballer do you admire most?
I don?t admire a particular player but admire all the girls who give 100% every Sunday no matter what level they play at. I?d have to say the girls I play with at Ravens are particularly inspirational, I admire their ?never say die? attitude.
 7) Do you have any match day superstitions (lucky socks, left shoe before right, etc)?
Not really. I?m just happy when I turn up with all my gear, that?s a good start for me!!
8) If you could have a dinner party with any three famous people who would they be? Why?
It?s a few more than three but, the characters from South Park. They might turn me off my food but it would be a very funny night! 
9) What song best describes your approach to football?
I really love listening to Coldplay it gets me in ?the zone?.
10) Is there a particular pre game meal you like to eat?
I don?t really eat a lot before I play, but nothing beats a few gummy bears and sour worms!
11) What is your favourite football memory?
Playing in the CHS Grand Final in High School (2008) was a very memorable match. We ended up losing the final but we felt like winners because we had made it much further than we had before. It was a great way to finish high school.
Also, going to Port Macquarie for a soccer competition in the off-season with Ravens is always a highlight for me.
-By Ross Anderson