Arrive alive WPL Player Interview with Manly United’s Emma Stewart


1) Your name and occupation?
Emma Stewart  TAFE Student studying Cert III Fitness
2) Your favoured playing position?
3) What was your first junior club?
Carlingford Uniting
4) What made you take up football?
When I was little my brother played football, and then moved into Rugby League, so when I was old enough to pick a sport they gave me the choice of football or netball?Naturally, with 2 older brothers I chose Football.
5) Who has been your most positive influence on your football career?
My parents, for driving me around to all the camps and games that have allowed me to get this far, and probably all my coaches at some stage have had an influence on my career whether it was negative or positive, which has allowed me to become the player I am today.
6) Which footballer do you admire most?
Harry Kewell and Lucas Neill
7) Do you have any match day superstitions (lucky socks, left shoe before right, etc)?
YES!! I check my bag about 3 times with my parents before I walk out the door to make sure I have everything! Don?t put on my shinnies until we are just about to play.
8) If you could have a dinner party with any three famous people who would they be? Why?
David Beckham – HOT, Carl Barron ? Favourite comedian, Khloe Kardashian ? Cause she is hilarious
9) What song best describes your approach to football?
Eminem ? Lose Yourself
10) Is there a particular pre game meal you like to eat?
Anything is good!
11) What is your favourite football memory?
Going to England, Ireland, Scotland for the Australian Schoolgirls Tour 2010
-By Ross Anderson