Shark star Jet boosted?


?I suppose it?s because we have a core of players at the club who have played together for a while and trust each other and know where and when moves are being made and partly because we are all level headed and of course a lot of hard work which, hopefully, is paying off and that is being seen this year.?
Being seen it is as a call from A-League Newcastle Jets coach, Branko Culina, has Price very excited: ?Yes it was a welcome surprise to receive a call from Branko and the opportunity to train and trial with the Jets is very exciting.
?Like everyone else I want to take the next step and go further in the game and I?ve known for about a month and have now begun training in Newcastle and hopefully I can impress.?
Price hasn?t forgotten his loyalties and continues: ?I have a contract with the Shark and I will honour that because they showed faith in me and Robbie (Stanton, Sharks coach) has been fantastic in allowing me to take the opportunity of perhaps advancing my career to the next level and I have to thank him  for that.
?However, I?m not counting my chickens and we?ll see what happens later on.?
Success in last season?s Grand Final has a habit of breeding further success so have the Sutherland players become hungrier for a repeat performance this year perhaps?
?I suppose when you?ve had a little bit of success you want more  and I think we?ve turned the corner as a team this season.
?We had, and still have, a lot of injuries and started off slowly but we always knew in the back of our minds that we had to stick together, keep our feet on the ground as a team and just get back to basics and if we did that we knew we would start to pick up the points and we?ve shown we are doing that now.
?We are back to our winning ways of last season and the patience has paid off and we do want more success and care about the club so I suppose we take it personally when we lose,? the quietly spoken bachelor states.
So IF Newcastle came knocking what would the likely scenario be?
?I won?t pre-empt that of course as I just want to do the best I can but I suppose it would come down to both parties agreeing on a solution should the Jets feel they want to take a punt on me I guess but we?ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.
?For now I just want to train hard and play the best I can for Sutherland and the Jets and see where it takes me.?
Chris Price is a quietly spoken lad but full of ambition and plenty out there feel he is ready to take that leap up to the A-League and it?s about time someone came a-knocking and if Culina has his eye on you it?s a pretty safe bet you are doing something right and we wish all concerned parties the very best for a more than slightly interesting few months ahead.
-By Micky Brock