St Michael’s Knights and Granville & District Soccer Football Association commence Special Needs Soccer Program


Special Needs Soccer Program
A set of rules has been developed to provide one-on-one guidance to the participants as they play. Each player will be allowed to have a chaperone on the field to assist and direct the player. It is hoped that once familiar with the play the player will become less dependent on the chaperone until able to play independently.  Players will be guided through professional training provided by the coaches of Football Elite.
Players wishing to register use the same registration forms as other players and choose “Special Needs” rather than their particular age group.
For more information contact Craig Gough or call 0418 964 928 
Program commences: 12th June
Sessions commence: 10.00am
Location: BellaVista Oval, Baulkham Hills
Cost: $40.00 plus shorts and socks

Registration: Thursdays 20th, 27th May and 3rd June
Time: 6.45pm to 7.30pm
Rules for Special Soccer
The program is designed to have children enjoy themselves, participate and receive the benefits of participating in a team sport environment. The program will parallel or simulate a match played between two junior teams as well as include a range of fun activities. 
Following are rules specific for outreach Soccer. Where these rules are silent, the approved Granville & Districts Soccer Football Association (GDSFA) rules for U6 and U7 teams shall apply.
Player: a child participating in the program
Chaperone: a person who shall accompany a player whilst on the field to assist and support the child.
Coach: a person on the field supervising the match holding either
A)     Level 1 qualified soccer coach or appropriate higher qualification or
B)    Australian Sports Commission Disability Education Program “Inclusive Coaching” or higher qualification
Processes shall be in place to ensure that each match is assigned a Program Coordinator
Grounds are to be checked prior to commencement of any game
?         Players shall be children with an intellectual disability aged between 4 years six months and 15
?         Players require parental/guardian approval and when registering the parent/guardian confirms there is no medical conditions that would prevent the child playing.
?         Parents/guardians are required to confirm that they know of no physical condition that would prevent the child playing as well as undertaking to inform the club should they become aware of such condition.
Safety Gear/uniform
?         All players are required to wear shin pads and football boots and team kit or other issued uniform to identify teams
?         Each player will be allowed a maximum of one chaperone on the field at any one time
?         Chaperones are to passively participate. In particular they are not to impede or hinder other players
?         At least one parent/guardian must be at the ground with the child. This may be either as a spectator or chaperone.
?         All spectators are to adhere to the Baulkham Hills St Michael?s Soccr Club  code of conduct
?         Parents/guardians must not intrude on the field except at the direction of the referee or coach.
Duration of Sessions/games
 Two twenty minute halves with 5 minutes break.
Number of Players
?         Team size may vary
?         A maximum of 6 players allowed on the field at one time
?         There is no limit on the number of reserves or how often replacements may take the field
?         Players should be directed from the field if aggression is displayed. No other penalties will be attached to a players action
?         Similar to U6-U7 junior soccer except a chaperone will be allowed on the field
?         A chaperone may lead, instruct or otherwise encourage the player they are chaperoning
?         A chaperone must not impede or hinder other players from taking or retaining possession of the ball 
?         A chaperone will be allowed to stop the ball but not propel the ball.
?         The chaperone may only stop the ball when within contact of their player i.e. holding hands.
?         The chaperone may not stop the ball in the goal area
?         The coach may direct a throw-in to a particular player (i.e. one who has had little contact with the ball)
?         The coach may ask other players and chaperones to “hold back” whilst an individual player is given the opportunity to make contact with the ball.
?         The coach may halt play to give instruction, guidance or assistance to a player
?         The coach may call “play on” at any time even though the preceding action was not in keeping with the current U6-U7 rules. In particular, this will be encouraged where a throw-in or place kick hasn’t precisely met requirements.
?         Throw-ins can be taken by chaperones.
?         No heading of the ball
Limiting Players of Greater Ability
Where a player displays a dominance of the game to the extent that it prevents others making contact with the ball that player may be limited at the discretion of the coach. Limiting can take the form of;
?         Allowing the coach or other suitable adult to propel the ball away from the player or the goal
?         Limiting the player to one half of the field for a given period
?         Other suitable actions as determined by the coach/referee.