Subway SAP Player Profile: Sam Patterson never say die attitude features in the Skill Acquisation Program


The Springwood resident is currently enrolled in the Subway SAP Nepean Squad and plays in the Under 12s squad that is coached by former Australian International player Ufuk Talay and loves the different level of skills from his fellow players that the SAP program brings in.

?I joined the Subday SAP because to further develop my skills and enjoy playing in a higher level?

?I love playing football and the friends I make in Subway SAP program makes me play better with or against excellent players?

Sam trains three times a week with Subway SAP Nepean team, which he enjoys very much as he builds friendships during training and learns from the best the SAP can offer through excellent coaching given from Nepean SAP Coach Ufuk Talay.

The Manchester United and Messi fan first started playing for the Springwood team based in the Nepean Association from a very young age and is also playing Futsal where he recently was involved in the State Titles.

?Being involved in the Subway SAP I come here to develop my skills and make me a better player?

?The Subway SAP is different to other programs and teams I have been involved due to that I play with nice kids that play at a better skill level?

Sam goals after being involved at the 40 Week Skill Acquisation Program is to be play for a team in the Premier Youth League and dreams to play in the A-League one day.

?My goal after the Subway SAP program is to play in the Premier Youth League and I want to play in the A-League in the future?

Observing Sam Patterson is quite simple ? Sam has a never say die attitude throughout matches by showcasing  his skill by taking players on, never giving up by displaying very good defensive pressure from the Right Wing position via his quick agility and speed to keep up with players and this complements Sam?s game through his excellent passing, crossing and shooting with both feet when in action.

-By Steven Nguyen