Football NSW NSR Schools Futsal Championships School places still available


The Football NSW NSR Schools Futsal Championships is a unique opportunity for your school to participate in a competition against a variety of schools e.g. State, Private, and Independent Schools.

Whilst winners are recognised, winning isn’t everything. Participation is equally important. All schools should enjoy the experience of being a part of this pinnacle event for Futsal on the schools calendar. Come and enjoy the competition tempered with social interaction and the true meaning of sportsmanship. The Schools Futsal Championships has a number of age categories to offer, from Primary (10 years) to Secondary (Opens), male and female. The Competition caters for elite and non-elite Students and schools, and gives you the opportunity to compete against participants from many schools across NSW and the ACT. Football NSW also 

strives to create social interaction between students and give them the chance to meet and mingle with other Futsal players from other schools, and make new friends. All participants also have a once a year opportunity to network with a wide variety of players, coaches and teachers, and to catch-up on the latest tactics and techniques of Futsal and programs in other schools.

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