Cracker of a Night at Thornleigh Thunder


On Saturday, 29 July 2017, Football NSW attended a Cracker Night hosted by Thornleigh Thunder FC who are part of Gladesville Hornsby Football Association.

Football NSW provided the ALDI MiniRoos target goal to engage with around 2000 local community members, whilst providing support to the club as they educated the community on the need for sporting facilities to be developed in Westleigh at the Sydney Water Board Site.

The club is a member of the Westleigh Water board Alliance (WWBA), who are a registered organisation formed by residents and members from local community groups and sporting organisations.

The WWBA has come together as a collective voice to work cooperatively with government, sporting bodies and clubs based in the Westleigh, Normanhurst and Thornleigh area.

The WWBA was formed to ensure that the vacated land from Sydney Water Board land in Westleigh will benefit the entire sporting community in Hornsby well into the future. In late 2015, this large 21-hectare site was purchased by Hornsby Shire Council to meet the escalating shortfall of quality public sporting facilities in the Hornsby Shire and across Sydney’s upper northern region.

Hornsby Shire Council are currently attempting to develop this land into sporting fields and have put together a sports ground discussion paper, which presents an overview of the research conducted to date for their Sportsground Strategy.

Research conducted as part of this discussion paper indicates that there is a current shortfall of 11 hectares of playing surface area and by 2026 there will be a further shortfall of approximately 21 hectares.

Have your say on Hornsby Shire Council’s Sportsground Strategy or for further information about the discussion paper, click here.

To find out more about the Westleigh Water Board Alliance and their vision to provide more sporting facilities for the upper north of Sydney, visit