Football NSW Brings Women’s Leadership To The Community


Female Football and Women’s participation within our sport is regarded as a highly important model within the pillars at Football NSW, and today saw the organisation take another step forward in the empowerment of females within our sport.

Football NSW’s continued focus on capability building and providing leadership development opportunities, has seen the organisation engage with highly recommended Trainer, Performance Coach, Speaker and Author Carol Fox to deliver the Women in Football Leadership Program.

The Women’s Leadership Program which was run over two days in numerous sessions, featured staff from Football NSW, Football Federation Australia, Northern NSW Football, Capital Football as well as women from throughout our own associations and grassroots club.

Based on Carol’s book ‘Confident Communication for Leaders’ and over 30 years’ experience in the sporting and professional development industry Carol’s Women in Football Leadership Program will provide participants with insight into communication styles, rapport building strategies, motivational strategies, techniques to manage meetings and engage your audience and a unique opportunity for individual coaching.

The aspiration of programs such as these is to mold women into further leadership roles within their own community, and to strengthen the female base from the sports governing body all the way through to our grassroots clubs.

Football NSW CEO Stuart Hodge believes that workshops such as these are vital to the development of females in roles.

“It was pleasing to see so many of our staff gain immediate benefit, and to be able to involve outstanding administrators from our Associations, Football Federation Australia, Northern NSW and Capital Football.”

“Ongoing workshops and one to one mentoring will also form part of the program.”

“Football will be stronger with greater representation from females in leadership positions.”

Football NSW will continue to invest in programs such as these within the future, as well as continuing activation’s through our pinnacle period of Female Football Week.