Mark Robertson awarded Charles Valentine Medal


Mt Druitt Town Rangers’ long serving and influential administrator Mark Robertson was awarded one of the biggest honours at this year’s Football NSW’s Silver Medal Dinner with the coveted Charles Valentine Award.

Robertson’s efforts to the world game has truly impacted everyone at Mt Druitt Town Rangers over the last 20 years with his involvement with the club kick starting in 1999.

His son won selection to play for the Rangers and it was there he offered to help the club out as a team manager.

The club’s rapid rise has largely coincided with the appointment of ‘Robbo’ as he is affectionately known to his fellow peers, as the club President in 2011.

The stability and guidance he provided the Committee and club he leads was not just results and elevation through the Leagues but engagement with Football NSW that has seen:

  • inclusion into the Football NSW Futsal program
  • inclusive / special needs / Athletes with disabilities (AWD)
  • inclusion in the Football NSW Futsal League
  • inclusion of Skills Acquisition Program
  • Inclusion of Girls/Women’s program

Through these initiatives, the Rangers team base has grown from 7 teams up to 19 teams.

‘Robbo’ has not only supported and encouraged player growth but rolled the sleeves up even further to make it a success and beneficial for all that embrace it.

This has been evident with the successes of both the club’s youth and senior systems all of which have won much silverware over the years as well as gaining promotion year upon year with the motto ‘home-grown development’.

Robbo’s volunteer efforts know few bounds, while giving so selflessly to Rangers, he continued to volunteer for his Association club Doonside Hawks, his contributions were recognised with Life Membership in 2004.

Mount Druitt Town Rangers formally recognised his contribution with Life Membership in 2014.

Always ‘doing his bit’ for the club, be it player pick-up, drop-off, trouble with fees, Robbo always finds a way for players to play. He’d be selling Meat Raffles weekly, open Popondetta Park, be the first one at the pitch setting up and the last to leave cleaning up.

Robbo co-ordinates the purchasing of gear, trial games, food and drink at all home matches as well as Trophies.

Robbo’s respect goes way beyond the gates of Popondetta, he has a contact at just about every Football NSW club who know and love him, as do all who know him at Football NSW headquarters.

As a young boy, Robbo first played football as a 4-year-old in the under 6s until under 15’s when his beloved club Padstow RSL folded. Not able to bring himself to play for one of the ‘opposition clubs’, he turned to refereeing.

Loyal – he needn’t look far for his role models, they were close in his life, his Godfather Don Anderson and his father Ron devoted themselves to developing junior football forming the South Bankstown club.

Volunteering is in his blood. Robbo has certainly done them proud.

Robbo played Seniors in Campbelltown and at Doonside for many years.

Many local charitable causes have also benefitted from Robbo’s generosity too via food and Christmas toy drives, partnerships with organisations and local special purpose schools as well as universities.

What Robbo has contributed to football over the last 54 years as a player, referee, club administrator and currently as President is rarely rivalled.

All as a volunteer.

It is Robbo’s generous, loyal and selfless approach to everything he has contributed to football, his passion and desire to see football overcome prejudice and perceptions.

Robbo’s sense of ‘inclusion’ is clearly visible.

Football NSW would like to congratulate Mark Robertson on receiving such an accolade.