Volunteer Spotlight: Belinda Stanton


Oatley FC’s proud female President Belinda Stanton lives and breathes the world game but most importantly relishes her role as one of the club’s many hardworking volunteers that makes this Football St George club tick over week in week out.

In line with celebrating National Volunteer Week, Football NSW highlighted Volunteer warriors such as Belinda Stanton who continue to fly the volunteer flag helping, aiding and assisting in the development of the game in NSW.

“I am one of over 800 members at Oatley Football Club. I first became involved in volunteering over 5 years. I could see other volunteers working hard and I thought ‘Hey I could help out’. I took on the Registrar role then proudly the President role in 2020.

“Little did I know how much everyone was doing at the club to ensure the kids and adults were playing each weekend. I am just one small piece of the puzzle.

“It is all the other volunteers who make it all happen. I am in total awe of all our volunteers in the club and across Football St George who make this game of Football so great.

“Our club could not function without the other 20 committee members and over 150 Coaches and Managers, all volunteers. Between us all we must be putting in hundreds of hours a week of volunteering.

“That is why I love volunteering, we are one big Football family, a thriving community.

“The friendships formed and the support we give our families is invaluable and second nature.

“When I do my job at the club, I don’t really think of it as volunteering, I just know it is the right thing to do for my club and community and to ensure I support the other volunteers around me.

“People often ask me if I get paid or if anyone else in the committee gets paid, simply the answer is No and if I was getting paid, I would have handed the role over to someone else.”

Wise and passionate words spoken by a true Volunteer warrior.

Well done Belinda!