Female referees given major boost thanks to NSW Football Legacy Fund


The push to increase participation of female referees for the National Premier Leagues NSW Women’s competition has taken a turn for the better following news that the NSW State League Football Referees received a much-needed grant under the NSW Football Legacy Fund – Participation Stream.

The NSW State League Football Referees were awarded $14,371 for enhanced programs targeting women and girl’s participation and purchase of equipment that will support the theme of increasing participation at this level.

“This grant goes hand-in-hand with member-funded co-contributions towards development of female referees which, along with the appointment of Katie Vainauskas as NPL NSW Women’s Referees Coach, supports the success of the NPL NSW Women’s competition,” said NSW State League Football Referees Secretary Wayne Lenardon.

“The grant funding for “Electronic Communication Equipment and Coaching for Female Referees”, supports our continued member-funded co-contribution towards new electronic communications equipment to cover the NPL NSW Women’s competition and to continue targeted coaching and recruitment of female match officials.

“The announcement of this funding couldn’t have come at a better time and we expect to have the new gear available for the commencement of the NPL NSW Women’s competition in March.

“We are proud to be continuing the development of match officials and directly supporting the NPL NSW competitions, something we have been doing since 1958.”

The NSW State League Football Referees have indicated several objectives they hope to achieve following the positive funding news as well as member co-contributions.

They are:

  • to increase participation by female match officials at the state level;
  • to increase the number of female match officials on the Women’s competitions, where League 1 Women’s matches are currently officiated on by predominantly male match officials;
  • to provide the equipment needed to perform and enjoy officiating at these levels;
  • to develop and prepare female match officials for promotion to national competitions; and
  • to produce coaching materials specifically for female match officials.