2024 Football NSW Biological Maturation Process


As part of Football NSW youth competitions policy, players that are potentially disadvantaged from a physical perspective, due to later biological maturity, may be eligible to play in a lower age-category.

Although players may be similar in terms of chronological age, their biological age can vary substantially, by as much as 5 years, due to the timing of their adolescent growth spurt.

Late developers can be significantly disadvantaged from a physical standpoint (height, weight, speed, strength).

To identify those players who may be late-developer players, Football NSW has developed a two-step process.

For ease of reference, Football NSW has created a Biological Maturation Education/Information page, all players/parents/coaches/clubs etc will be directed to the web page in the first instance to help streamline the communication process. For more information, please click the following link:

Eligibility – 2024 Season

The following information seeks to clarify the eligibility of players for the 2024 Season in relation to Biological Maturation approved Players:

Players assessed as Late Developers:

  • Any Player that is assessed as a “late developer” will be given approval status to play down an age grade at his/her club on the condition that the club has a position available in the team that the player is seeking to register for

Players assessed as On Time Developers and Early Developers:

  • Any Player that is assessed as a “on time developer” or “early developer” will NOT be permitted to play down an age grade at their club.

Please Note: All players will be required to attend one of the advertised Football NSW assessment dates. No Player will retain their 2023 status.

Team Eligibility – 2024 Season

Below are the age groups for which the Biological Maturation principle will apply for the 2024 season:

CompetitionU13sU14s U15s U16sU18s
Football NSW Boys' Youth League One
Football NSW Boys' Youth League Two
Football NSW Boys' Youth League Three
Association Youth League
Football NSW Girls' Youth League OneN/A
Football NSW Girls' Youth League TwoN/AN/A

Current Squad Numbers:

  • No club/team will be able to register a Player to play in an age grade below the player’s birth year if that player has been assessed as a “on-time developer” or “early developer”;
  • Each club will be permitted to register a maximum of one (1) approved “late developer” per team/age grade. For the avoidance of doubt, player’s classified as late developers must be allocated to and appear on the Player ID Sheets of the youngest squad they are eligible to participate in.

Biological Maturation Testing – 2024 Season:

Testing for the 2024 Season will be conducted at Valentine Sports Park, Glenwood, in the evenings on three (3) separate dates. These dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday, 19 September 2023
  • Tuesday, 26 September 2023
  • Tuesday, 21 November 2023 – FINAL DATE

All Players must register via the application form to be assessed, and there will be no further opportunities for assessments outside these three dates.

Please Note: To assist with the integrity of the assessment process, a $50 administration fee will be required to be paid prior to a player assessment being conducted. Post the assessment, if a player is classified as a “late developer” the admin fee will be refunded.

The above information sets out Football NSW’s position in respect of Biological Maturation players in the lead up to the 2024 season.

Football NSW will continue to work with clubs to ensure the development principles of the Biological Maturation process are appropriately managed and that its aim of improving the overall football experience for all participants is achieved.

Please ensure this correspondence is sent to all relevant parties within your club and is clearly communicated to Players.

For any questions or enquires related to the above process, please contact Football NSW via email: competitions@footballnsw.com.au