Kemps Creek Hybrid Dreams for Football Teams

a close up of a green field

Kemps Creek United Soccer Club is reaping the benefits of the NSW Football Legacy Fund, having secured a $25,000 grant in Round 2 of the Infrastructure stream.

The financial boost will be invested into the implementation of hybrid turf in heavily used areas of the fields at Bill Anderson Reserve, ensuring the Club can seamlessly host football events, regardless of intense usage or challenging weather conditions.

Club President, Ross Maiorana, explained the transformative impact of the grant.

“We felt that Football NSW’s Infrastructure Legacy Grant program was ideal for us at Kemps Creek United Soccer Club,” he said.

“We wanted to enhance the facilities at Bill Anderson Reserve and be able to leave our own legacy for the current and future members of the club and users of the Reserve in general.”

The Club’s fields experience a high volume of usage each season, hosting a full local competition schedule, local knockout tournaments, catch-up fixtures, as well as State Cup, Champion of Champions, Australia Cup, and Cottam Cup rounds.

The hybrid grass will play a pivotal role in extending the longevity of the playing field surface, particularly in high-wear goalmouth areas, as well as facilitating a quicker recovery during the off-season.

James Spanoudakis, the NSW Football Legacy Fund Facilities & Grants Officer, provided insights into the success of Kemps Creek United Soccer Club’s application and the hybrid project.

“It is clear that football has evolved beyond being just a winter sport, and fields now require additional maintenance to accommodate the growing participant groups, and all year-round football demand,” commented Spanoudakis.

“The hybrid installation ensures that high-wear areas of the field can withstand increased foot traffic, ensuring an extended usage period on a high-quality surface and longevity of football activities.”

The planned enhancements are in accordance with the goals set forth in the NSW Football Infrastructure Strategy, particularly focusing on increasing venue capacity in anticipation of growth following the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

Established in 1976, Kemps Creek United Soccer Club has been a pillar of the Southern Districts Soccer Football Association. Proud of their record-breaking 520 members in 2023, the club has embraced diversity, welcoming players of all ages, genders, and expanding their football family to fielding a special needs team.

NSW Football Legacy Program

The  NSW Football Legacy Program is a $10 million investment from the NSW Government, which aims to support female football through new community facilities, participation initiatives, development programs as well as tourism and international engagement.

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