Rydalmere FC’s Peter Bacha awarded OAM

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Football NSW would like to acknowledge and congratulate Peter Bacha OAM who was recognised for his service to the community through a range of roles, the main one being the heart and soul and Club President of the Rydalmere Lions Football Club. 

The 64-year-old was awarded the OAM along with his football duties during the 2024 Australia Day acknowledgements.

The West Ryde man has spent well over 40-years of volunteering his time with his beloved Rydalmere Lions FC.

Known for wearing his signature Akubra, Bacha was a founding member of the Rydalmere FC in 1980.

Peter has been a player, coach, manager, and Club President for the club, such is his passion, dedication, and love for not just his club, but for the sport in general.

The Granville District Soccer and Football Association life member has garnered a swag of awards over the decades including the Parramatta Local Citizen of the Year in 2011.

His OAM “means the world” to him after 44 years at the club where he met his wife Yvonne and seen talented players thrive and soar to the A-League or overseas competitions.

Well done Peter!

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