Liana Danaskos highlights the importance of Heart Health Round


With Heartbeat of Football’s ‘Make It Red’ Heart Health Round kicking off this weekend in conjunction with Football NSW, one player that’s valued the importance of this national awareness campaign is well known women’s footballer Liana Danaskos.

The former W-League star and her family including brother and St George FC captain Troy Danaskos’ world turned upside down when they heard the news that their father Tony suffered a heart attack whilst playing the game for Connells Point FC in the over 45’s last year.

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of his brother-in-law, teammates and opposing players who assisted in the assurance of Tony’s survival with effective CPR and the use of the all-important defibrillator, it was that that saved his life.

“The Heart Health Round is so important,” said Danaskos.

“It’s something for so many years it’s been swept under the rug and Andrew Paschalidis has done an amazing job in bringing awareness to the football industry to show how important it is to get those check-ups.

“It’s also brought more awareness to clubs to ensure that they have a defib available because at the end of the day that’s what saved my dad’s life so it’s pretty special.”

Sign Up today and thank you for Showing Some Heart and Making it Red! 

Visit the ‘MakeitRed’ website for more information.  

Find out more about heart health awareness and the vital importance of operational defibrillators at your local Club.   

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