Volunteer Spotlight: Jason Marfia

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Throughout National Volunteer Week, Football NSW is highlighting the contributions of various members of grassroots football that have been nominated by their local community.

Jason Marfia is the lifeblood and backbone of the Bossley Sports Soccer Club, and to be perfectly honest, we wouldn’t have such a successful club if it wasn’t for Jason. In the 13 years he has been involved at the club, he has coached, managed, mentored and played for the club, Ground Marshalls at games, as well as being on the Committee for the last 8 years as Club Secretary, a role he does with passion and love, because he loves soccer and he loves our club.

Jason is the first one down on game days at our home ground at Terone Park, setting up and getting the field and amenities ready for a big day, where we usually host between 20-25 games, and then backs up for any home games we might have on Sunday, between getting his own kids to their games or getting himself to his own game in the All Ages competition. He keenly watches all our teams play and offers tips and hints where he can. He then helps pack up the field and is always the last to leave.

On training nights, he is always around the park, watching teams train and offering encouragement and advice to coaches, managers, players, and even parents. Jason does a lot of the background administration that keeps Bossley Sports Soccer Club running, and his excel spreadsheets are a sight to see. He has a spreadsheet for everything. From organising our pre-trials and trial sessions, registration days, as well as the discussions for the season with Southern Districts. He assists with uniforms, photo nights, and all the gear we need for a successful season.

He deals with all our sponsors, and organises our end of year presentation event, ensuring there is enough food and drink and entertainment for everyone to have a great day. He attends all the mid week Southern District meetings, any mid week judicial hearings, and anything else that the club needs. All this and working a full time job is something to admire. His dedication to Bossley Sports Soccer Club is exemplary, and if every club or association had someone like Jason Marfia involved in their club, they would not only be successful, but they would have a lot of fun and laughs along the way.

We work hard as a Committee, we all love being on the Committee and doing our part for the Club, and it’s Jason that brings all of this together and makes it the Club it is. We have almost tripled the number of teams we have since 2022, and parents and players want to keep coming back, or return to Bossley Sports Soccer Club, because of the environment and atmosphere we offer, where it’s all about the children playing sport, being outdoors and having fun, and this is all Jason’s legacy, he has driven these ideals for a long time, and we are so thankful for it.

As President of the Club, I want to personally thank Jason for all his efforts, dedication, sacrifice and hard work over the last 13 years, as well as a lot of great times, laughts and memories. He is a great family man and I am proud to call him a great friend.

Thanks Jason, you’re the best and we all love you heaps, from everyone at Bossley Sports Soccer Club, past and present.