Volunteer Spotlight: Joshua Lang

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Throughout National Volunteer Week, Football NSW is highlighting the contributions of various members of grassroots football that have been nominated by their local community.

Joshua’s tenure as president of our football club has been nothing short of transformative. Taking the reins during a turbulent period in 2021, he steered the club away from the brink of collapse with his unwavering determination and strategic decision-making. His efforts not only attracted more players but also paved the way for remarkable success, exemplified by the remarkable turnaround of our first-grade men’s team, which made it to the grand final in 2023 after facing a daunting 15-nil defeat from the same team just a year prior

Beyond revitalising the men’s team, Joshua has championed the development of women’s football with unparalleled zeal. Under his leadership, our club earned the prestigious 1-star club changer status, a recognition that culminated in six of our junior girls proudly serving as flag bearers at the 2023 Women’s World Cup—an opportunity of a lifetime made possible through Joshua’s dedication.

In 2024, Joshua’s continued support for female football propelled our club to earn the coveted 2-star club changer status, a testament to his relentless commitment to fostering inclusivity and excellence within our ranks. Notably, we stand as one of only ten football clubs nationwide to achieve this distinction, a milestone directly attributable to Joshua’s visionary leadership.

Moreover, Joshua’s multifaceted contributions extend beyond the pitch. As the creative force behind our club’s social media presence, he has captivated audiences with engaging content, expanding our reach and influence within the community. His prowess in this arena has even inspired neighboring clubs to seek his guidance in enhancing their own digital footprint, a testament to the impact of his innovative approach.

Furthermore, Joshua’s proactive approach to securing funding and sponsorship has been instrumental in enhancing our facilities and ensuring the accessibility of football for all. His successful grant applications, such as the NSW state government grant in 2022, have facilitated the transformation of our home ground into a state-of-the-art facility, providing a conducive environment for grassroots development—a legacy that will benefit generations of players to come.

In summary, Joshua’s tireless dedication, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to the values of inclusivity, excellence, and community have indelibly shaped the fabric of our football club, leaving an enduring legacy of growth, success, and opportunity for all.