SELECT Futsal Premier League


About the League


The Football NSW SELECT Futsal Premier League is the highest level of Futsal in New South Wales. The competition takes place in the summer season, building up to the Grand Finals in early March.

The competition consists of 8 teams competing in 9 age groups: 12 Boys, 13 Girls, 14 Boys, 15 Girls, 16 Boys, 17 Girls, Youth Men, Open Women, Open Men. The teams compete in a round-robin structure where each side plays each another twice; upon completion a Premier is crowned.

The top four sides by the end of the season compete in the Championship Series. The teams are seeded upon their entry into the Championship Series according to their final position on the ladder. There is a Major Semi Final and a Minor Semi Final. The winner of the Major Semi Final will go into the Grand Final. The winner of the Minor Semi Final will play the loser of the Major Semi Final in the Preliminary Final. The winner of the Preliminary Final will go into the Grand Final. The Grand Final winner will be crowned Championship Winners.

The SELECT Futsal Premier League Clubs also have an U11 Boys and an U11/U12 Girls team participate in the Futsal Development League competition. The Futsal Development League will be coordinated within the existing SELECT Futsal Premier League Club structure, allowing the teams to play at the same venue as the their Club, with the matches following the same home and away format of the SELECT Futsal Premier League. The matches will be played prior to the 12 Boys match each week. League tables will not be kept during the Futsal Development League and similarly points will not be attributed to the result of any match in the Futsal Development League format.

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