Professional Player Contract

What is the difference between a Professional and an Amateur Player?

Article 3.1(b) of the National Registration, Status and Transfer Regulations (NRSTRs) provides that “a Professional is a Player who has a written contract with a Club, under which he or she is paid more than the expenses he or she effectively incurs to play football for that Club”. Article 6.1(a) of the NRSTRs provides that the contract must be in the form of the Professional Player Contract (FA Prescribed Form NRR05) and the body of the contract must not be amended. Article 6.1 includes other requirements in relation to the contents of the contract and Clubs should make reference to that article.

Article 3.1(c) of the NRSTRs provides that “An Amateur is any Player that is not a Professional. A Club may pay or reimburse a Player any expenses incurred by that Player without affecting his or her status as an Amateur, including but not limited to travel, kit, equipment or insurance premiums. If, however, an Amateur is paid or reimbursed more than $110 a week by a Club, the onus is on that Club to satisfy the Competition Administrator [Football NSW] that the amount paid accurately reflects the expenses incurred by that Player. If the Club fails to satisfy this onus, that Player will be deemed to be a Professional.”

Football NSW Guide to Completing the Professional Player Contract (NRR05)

Football NSW has created a guide to assist both Players and Clubs when completing FA Prescribed Form NRR05 – Professional Player Contract.

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NRR09 – Mutual Termination of Professional Player Contract

Should a Player and Club agree to the early termination of the Professional Player Contract, a Mutual Termination of Professional Player Contract Form (FA Prescribed Form NRR09) must be completed by both the Player and the Club and submitted to Football NSW for processing.

Contract Templates

Below are templates for Professional Player Contracts. If you are signing for more than two seasons, please contact Football NSW directly for the contract.