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Football NSW President Jim Forrest categorically refutes any suggestion of Football NSW’s involvement in attempts to set up a B-League competition based on an Eastern Seaboard conference.

"In fact I very much doubt that there is any such meeting next week as suggested in the Herald report", he says.

He was referring to a report featured on the back page of the sports section of the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday suggesting that Football NSW would be attending a meeting next week to discuss a B-League.

We are not involved in any such discussions and are totally unaware of any communication with any NSW Premier League clubs or other states. We understand that Football QLD is equally unaware of its alleged involvement.

Football NSW clubs would be concerned at any proposal which could increase or double the costs of participating in this suggested league, without any guarantee of an adequate financial return.

We have been working closely with Football Federation Australia in order that our NSW Premier League and the A-League complement each other. There is a loan scheme for players between Premier League and A-League clubs operating in both directions at present.

?Any suggestion that FFA agreement to a B-League competition would provide backing from the states for an increase in the national registration levy is absolute nonsense?, Mr Forrest added.