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Despite this increasingly tough economic climate Football NSW continues to strengthen its financial position.  

For the second successive year the states? governing football body has returned an operating surplus of over one million dollars, and the members will benefit. 

As a result of a better than expected financial outcome, Football NSW is returning $250,000 to its members. 

This will take the form of credits for the purchase of football equipment and clothing from Football NSW?s Soccer Wearhouse. 

The President of Football NSW Jim Forrest announced the early Christmas gift to members after a Board Meeting on Monday night  

?On behalf of the Board we are delighted to return something to members at a time of ever rising costs. The Associations and the clubs will all benefit.? 

?Our ability to do this results especially from better than expected returns from our investment income over the past several months, and a careful risk management program which has resulted in fewer claims on our insurance this year.? 

The President and his Board specially thanked CEO Michael Quarmby, and his fine team whose efforts have reduced Football NSW?s reliance on fee income to about thirty per cent of our budget. 

Strategically managed sponsorships and other non fee financing now make up a vital part of our cash flow.  

With more than 200,000 registered players, Football NSW, the largest football body in Australia, makes up more than half of the country?s participants in the World Game. 

During this year, a comprehensive player development program has been put in place at both grassroots and elite player levels. 

?Special attention is being paid to helping in the organisation and administration of country Associations to raise competition standards.

?All of this costs money, and our Board is encouraged that our financial situation is now becoming robust enough to allow exciting new initiatives to promote and develop the game. 

“Unification of the former Amateurs and State Federations five years ago is now paying off as the unified body presents a united front to our sponsors and business partners?, Forrest concluded.