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Football NSW are proud to announce the appointment of Mark Stavroulakis as the new Football NSW Media Officer.
Mark, who previously held the role of Editor in Chief of Australian and British Soccer Weekly for close to six years, is well known and respected among the footballing community.

His vast experience and knowledge of the game will no doubt be a huge asset to the organisation.

His great rapport amongst players, coaches and managers alike has served him well over the years and will put him in good stead for his new role.

Mark, who has a strong passion for the sport is keen to begin his new role at Football NSW and promote the game he loves.

?It?s a privilege to know that an organisation such as Football NSW has given me the opportunity to help promote the game to its fullest potential , which I will no doubt carry out to the best of my ability.

?I look forward to working alongside the likes of Jim Forrest, Michael Quarmby, Ian Holmes and Tony Peters, in steering the good faith amongst the football followers in NSW.

With registration figures constantly on the rise, Mark will have the task of ensuring he can contribute to the ever-growing profile of the sport.

?I strongly believe that the current foundations laid out at Football NSW are seen as second to none and I have no doubts that it will continue to grow in a positive direction?.

Having proven his ability as the recipient of the Football NSW Media Award this year, Mark will now oversee all media duties at Football NSW.