Save Our Surfaces picks up NSW Sports Award


In a tremendous coup for Football NSW, the S.O.S. program was an initiative created by Tim Gledhill, who is the Project Manager at Football NSW and also a player of Super League outfit the Northern Tigers.
With water restrictions, drought and limited field space all affecting the quality of playing surface, Football NSW along with Gledhill?s initiative decided to invest back into the game by designing a program that would teach coaches how to best manage their surfaces.
Gledhill actively went out and spread his message throughout councils and sporting clubs in Sydney in pushing the S.O.S. program which has worked wonders.
His message attracted the support of Tip-Top that helped fund flyers used to spread the S.O.S program and it also attracted television interest with Channel Ten including it in their weather segment with Frank Coletta late last year.
Football NSW wishes to acknowledge Tim on his sensational efforts with the S.O.S. program.