Player Interview with Western NSW Panthers Star, Shannon Waine


Shannon Waine
Occupation: Student at Bathurst High School. I?m currently studying for the HSC. I?m hoping to go to University next year to study Medical Science.
Representative Honours: Country NSW, NSW CHS, NSWIS Development Squad.
Which junior club did you play for?: First played in mixed teams with Bathurst 75 but then went to Bathurst City when I started playing all girls football.
Why football?: I was pretty much brought up at soccer fields watching my Dad play. I actually played hockey until I was 11 but then switched to football.
Players you admire?: Vanessa Hart, former Western NSW Panthers star who is now playing football in the USA on a college scholarship. Also my Dad who is the best player I?ve seen.
Most respected opponent?: I respect all of my opponents.
Interests outside of football?: I LOVE school! I also enjoy reading. No particular genre; I?ll read anything.
Favourite meal before a game?: I eat anything! No special pre game meals at all.
Who?d be your ideal dinner date?: David Carney the former Sydney FC and current Socceroo star. When I saw my first Sydney FC game he was amazing!
Favourite football memory?: Playing for NSW Country for the first time.
Who are the teams to beat in the Arrive Alive NSW Womens Premier League in 2008?: Definitely the Illawarra Stingrays. The ?country derby? against Southern NSW FC is always a tough game too.
Thank you for your time Shannon. Good luck with your studies. Hopefully both you and The Panthers can continue your current run of success.