Wolves weary of high flying Blacktown


After winning their first game of the season against Bankstown City FC on Sunday evening, Morgan maintained his team cannot celebrate too long.
“We got a very tough one against Blacktown this weekend,?? Morgan said.
“ Knowing some of the Blacktown players very well there are a few boys we will need to keep our eye on.  
“We cannot allow them to have the space they want or the options to play a threatening ball through our defence.
The Wolves will play host Blacktown at WIN Stadium, and Morgan has given credit to the team?s home ground.
“We have a great stadium and get to play on a great deck,?? he said.
“Our intention is to play good football against anybody every week.??
Although having one their first game, Morgan said his team still has work to do record more victories.
“First thing is first and that is maintaining our team, our formation and shape,?? he said.
“We will come up against different opposition every week so we will need only subtle changes to our team.??
“We will go into the game against Blacktown with a bit of confidence after winning our first game.
“But you could see how nervous we got in the last 15 minutes of the game against Bankstown.
“We just have to remain composed at those times and not allow the game to open up.??
“We opened ourselves up when moving forward against Bankstown when it was not needed and we could have drawn the game.
“We have to learn to remain patient and take our chances when they come.??
The Wolves will take on Blacktown at WIN Stadium on Saturday night with kick off set for 6.30pm.
-By Christopher Georges