Professional Player Declaration

The purpose of this declaration is for clubs to confirm that all “Professional Players” as defined in the National Registration, Status and Transfer Regulations (NRSTR's) are on Professional Player Contracts and are registered as such on the Play Football registration system.

Players who play for clubs competing in the NPL NSW Men’s, Football NSW League One Men’s, Football NSW League Two Men’s, NPL NSW Women’s and FNSW League One Women’s Competitions will be either “Amateur Players” or “Professional Players” as defined in the NRSTRs.

A club may pay or reimburse a player any expenses incurred by that player without affecting his or her status as an Amateur, including but not limited to travel, kit, equipment or insurance premiums.

However, if a player is paid or reimbursed more than $110 a week by a club, the player is deemed to be a “Professional Player” and the player and the club must enter into the FA Professional Player Contract and the club must lodge a copy of that signed contract with Football NSW along with a completed Professional Player Registration Form, unless the club is able to satisfy Football NSW that the amount paid accurately reflects the expenses incurred by that player.

If a player is paid or reimbursed more than $110 a week by a club and the club believes that this amount accurately reflects the expenses incurred by that player (such that the player is therefore entitled to be registered as an Amateur rather than as a Professional), the club must apply in writing to Football NSW for approval to register the player as an Amateur prior to accepting the player’s registration on Play Football.

If a player who is paid or reimbursed more than $110 a week by a club is registered as an Amateur and approval to do so has not been sought (or has been sought but refused) by Football NSW, the player and the club are liable for heavy sanctions. Those sanctions may include, but are not limited to, fines, the loss of competition points and/or the return of prize money for clubs and periods of suspension for players.

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