Wollongong FC Juniors sign major sponsorship deal with Illawarra Coal


The sponsorship deal involves both Wollongong FC juniors and The Illawarra Stingray?s club.
It is the first example of how unification of the game can and will bring benefits to the code as a whole in the area rather than the competing fragmented approach which has been seen in the past.
Illawarra Coal has committed $25,000 per season and will have their logo displayed on the front of the shirts of every 13-18 year old junior Wollongong FC player.
In addition they will be on the back of every Stingray?s players? shirt.
In a further commitment to the two clubs Jim Middleton, Vice President Mining Operations Illawarra Coal has become an active member of The Wollongong FC junior committee.
The two year deal will provide financial support to Wollongong FC to assist in the running of its junior representative squads, making the opportunity to play football for the region more affordable for local families.
Illawarra Coal?s General Manager Sustainable Development and External Affairs, John Brannon said Illawarra Coal was proud to support the young men and women who represent our region in the game of football, and explained that a further benefit of the sponsorship will be extended to primary and high schools in the Wollondilly region.
?The Wollongong FC already offers a unique program to schools in the Illawarra region,? John said.
?Through our sponsorship, this program will be made available to schools of the areas in which we operate in the Wollondilly region.
?Through this program and our support of the teams on the field, we hope that young people will aspire to the values that we hold, including; courage to lead, integrity, high performance, and commitment to health, safety, environment and community.?
Wollongong FC CEO Jock Morlando stated of the sponsorship, ?This wonderful commitment from Illawarra Coal to the young players of our region will allow the club the financial stability to continue to evolve the development programmes for our talented young players, which this year will extend to seminars and workshops on Sports Nutrition and work with sports science specialists.
?The sponsorship will also assist with our comprehensive school visits programme throughout the area and beyond as we continue our commitment to the community as a whole.?
Stingrays? President Rob McKie added, ?This sponsorship is a huge boost to women?s? football and we are very thankful of the support shown by Illawarra Coal.
“We look forward to working with them and Wollongong FC to both spread our message of football and to aspire to the values of courage to lead, integrity, high performance, and commitment to health, safety, environment and community.?
For more info log onto the Wollongong FC website on www.wolves.com.au