Females can score a goal for the Breast Cancer Foundation via the TeleChoice Premier League


By attending a TeleChoice Premier League match to help raise critical funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).
By simply walking through the gates to attend a game on either Saturday 10th or Sunday 11th of May, TeleChoice, the official naming sponsor of the Football NSW Premier League, Football NSW and Premier League clubs will donate $3 for every female in attendance to the NBCF.
Michael Quarmby, Football NSW CEO, says the TeleChoice Mother?s Day initiative will allow local women to help women in need.
?The six TeleChoice Premier League games usually attract over 1,000 females, so if we double this figure, we can possibly raise $6,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This will aid the Foundation in research and finding the cure for breast cancer.
?The players and coaches support the initiative and are excited about helping to raise funds for those affected. They encourage new and existing female fans to come along and participate in a unique Mother?s Day,? said Mr Quarmby.
Ehab Abdou, TeleChoice CEO says supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation highlights TeleChoice?s commitment to being the ?People?s Choice.?
?We are aware that 1 in 8 Australian women will be diagnosed with the disease by the age of 85.  This means that over 13,000 women and about 100 men in Australia are affected by breast cancer each year.
?We believe it is important to support Australian community initiatives and charities including the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I encourage all females to show their support by attending a local Premier League game during the Mother?s Day weekend,? said Mr Abdou.
All women who attend a Premier League game during Mother?s Day weekend will be offered an exclusive offer of 30% off non original accessories and 10% of original accessories at their local TeleChoice store.
Entry to games is free for children aged 16 years and under, $12 for adults and $6 for students/ concession holders.