Battling the Inner Demons


?I?ve been out most of this Telechoice Premier League season with the injury and when you have an enforced lay-off like this you tend to sit down and wonder about things,? he said.
?Coons? has been unfortunate when in this department after a serious knee injury at the Sydney Olympic Olyroos camp kept him out of the games in 2000 but he rates representing Australia as the height of his playing days so far;? To represent your country is amazing and something I cherish.
?I have been fortunate to represent Australia at U/17 and U/20 level and of course the Olyroos and I count it as a very precious experience.?
Starting his football with the Institute of Sport, he has taken in Marconi Juniors and Northern Spirit before spending a few seasons at Sydney United, where he says he was happy as a player and was happy with his game.
To complete the cycle he spent a season with Marconi and Manly United before taking up the challenge of joining West Sydney Berries, a side he thinks can give the Finals a real shake; ?Scott Baillie has got the lads playing some great football in a short space of time and I honestly feel we can make the Finals series a reality if all goes well.
?We have had a couple of shockers (matches) but when we?ve turned up to play football we have been really playing some good stuff, which makes it all the harder for me from the sidelines.
?The camaraderie at the Berries is second to none and I?m pleased the lads are doing so well but I want to be a part of it of course and hopefully I?ll be back in the side playing before the end of the season.?
Maradona and Paulo Maldini are two players ?Coons? has admired over the years growing up, especially the latter: ?Maldini is one of a very rare breed in being a one-club player.
?I?m sure there would have been offers for him to play elsewhere, perhaps with bigger pay-days, but he has stuck with the same club and I admire that sort of loyalty as it?s exceptionally rare in football these days.?
Personal matters have not helped this likeable lad recently but he is overcoming them with the depth of strength he has shown throughout his career and is something all football fans will be pleased to witness when he once again graces the field of play.
As a youngster he was noted as being a ?nice lad? but as a man he is a truly top guy, open, honest, witty and a delight to know.