Ornithology Lesson or Swansong?


Married to Natalie, the 28-year old is now in his fourth season for Manly United in the Telechoice Premier League after starting his career with Adamstown Rosebud before gracing the NSL with both the Newcastle Breakers and United whilst also taking in Parramatta Melita.
?Representing Australia in both the U/20?s and Olyroos has been my best achievement in football,? he chuckles.
?It also ranks as my best moment within the game because to represent your country is the greatest thing.?
Born in Newcastle, Swancott still lives and works there as a Sales Rep for a company that manufactures dust extractors and metal preparation machines for use in mines amongst other things, not an occupation that springs readily to mind but somehow just fits in with this character.
In conversation it came to pass that he witnessed a very funny incident during a game. It was the final match played by present coach Phil Moss for Manly United. ?Mossy? was preparing to take a throw-in but an opposition player was jumping up and down in front of him trying to delay the throw so what did Mossy do? He took the throw-in of course, straight off the offending players head which immediately put the ball straight back into touch. Phil, attempting to retrieve the ball at haste ended up flat on his rump in front of the fans to much laughter from the crowd?..but even more so from his team-mates that day.
I?m assured it is a moment that Mossy has never been allowed to forget and probably something that will see Swanny in the reserves next weekend!
Peter Schmiechel and Eric Cantona are two players that Swancott admires which, in keeping with his ?slightly mad goalkeeper? image is strange for the fact that as an Everton follower he has chosen two Man Utd players albeit two of the very best in the business for their era.
Golf is the major pastime for Brad but over the last ten months this has been curtailed since the birth of his son, Luca. He now lists ?playing with bubs? as number one with Golf taking a very distant second place.
Craig Mideley (the Pommie striker) is also listed as the ?craziest guy at Manly? ? not the first time this scribe has heard that of his team-mates – by Swancott; ?He can hold an audience of 200 with his stories and love every minute of it,? he recounts.
One cannot help but ponder just what it would be like to sit down and have a couple of beers with those two. It would be a laugh fest and no mistake.
Which bring us to the header of this article; has it been an ornithology lesson or will it be the swansong for Swanny when his coach reads this?