Henry Lawson Football Club celebrates 30 years of service to the wonderful game


Celebrations were held at the Henry Lawson Club, who coincidently were the original backers of the club.
History states that the first meeting was held at the Henry Lawson Club over a ?lemonade? or two at the bar in initiating procedures for the club?s set-up.
Colin Fisher, Barry Bowen  and Tom Houlihan, who used to work as a Barman at the club, were all dissatisfied by the amount of playing time children were receiving in games even though they were all turning up for training and games. 
They decided to start their own club to make sure that all players were given a fair go on the field.
To their credit, they even kept rosters of each kids playing time and this ethos still stands at the Henry Lawson Football Club today. 
They started back in 1978 with an Under 7?s and Under 8?s team ? the club now has 39 teams ranging from Under 5?s to Premier Mens.
The Henry Lawson Club originally used an unnamed field behind Rance Oval with Helen Brettle and Barbara Woodthorpe running a canteen from a makeshift tent to raise funds. 
A gentleman by the name of Bobby Gough (now deceased),  used to turn up every Saturday morning at 6.30am to mark the fields and carry out any other odd jobs needed to get the teams on the park.
Henry Lawson Football Club Current Committee:
President ? Steve Martin
Junior Vice Presdient ? Adam Rizzo
Senior Vice President ? Mick Rousa
Treasurer ? Shawn Moore
Secretary ? Jessica Rizzo
Competitions Secretary ? Roger Phillips
Registrar ? Karen Peterson
Publicity Officer ? Adele Moore
Fundraising Officers ? Kelly Briggs and Kylee Simpson
Canteen Manager ? Cathy Martin
All of the Committee (except Cathy Martin) are also registered players