Player Interview with Marconi Stallions Rising Star Priscilla O?Riordan


Priscilla is a valuable member of The Stallions Grade 20 squad. In recent weeks 1st Grade Coach Mauro Tacco has been ?blooding? a number of the Grade 20 team in the top side. Priscilla has been one of the beneficiaries of this policy. Priscilla has managed to get her name on the scoresheet twice during this period, showing plenty of potential as one of Marconi Stallions? stars of the future.
Occupation: I?m working in retail with Franklins at their Liverpool Plaza store. I?m saving my money to travel overseas.
Representative honours: Nothing major as such but I have represented at CHS level and for my school, Bossley Park High.
Which junior club did you play for? : I started playing with the Under 12 Boys team at Wetherill Park Westerners. Then I spent two years playing girls football with Fairfield Bulls before joining Marconi.
Why football? : I was brought up in a male dominated household and we were always kicking the ball around in the backyard. Eventually I decided I?d join a team. Football is a good way to pass the time. It?s fun, enjoyable, I love it!
Players you admire? : Ruud Van Nistelrooy, the Dutch and Real Madrid striker. I admire his fire and passion up front. He?s amazing in front of goal!
Most respected opponent? : I respect the ability of all my opponents.
Interests outside of football? : I enjoy art, drawing. I?m told I?m pretty good at it. I like drawing when I?m not playing football.
Favourite meal before a game? : Pasta. You?ve got to have that pre game carb fix! Every now and then though I go for the greasy bacon and egg roll!
Who?d be your ideal dinner date? : Hmm, Elvis Presley or David Beckham.
Favourite football memory? : Scoring my first goal. That was for Fairfield Bulls against Busby Sports.
Teams to beat in the Arrive Alive NSW Women?s Premier League? : Only one. MARCONI STALLIONS!!!
Thanks for your time Priscilla. We hope that your rise up the ladder continues in the coming weeks. Good luck to you and your team mates at Marconi Stallions.
-By Ross Anderson