U10/1 Enfield Rovers searching for Kanga Cup success


They are the Enfield Rovers U10/1?s side.
They all wear the same kits, striking, green and white training strip, especially bought for them by their coach Dom Nigro.
You will see them weaving in and out between the strategically placed yellow stakes, you will see them scurrying through the ladders laid out on the ground and you will find yourself staring at the way these 15 boys and 1 girl, go through their drills with complete commitment and discipline, enjoying every moment.
The majority of the team has been together at Enfield since they were just four years old which is an amazing statistic indeed.
They have lost just six games in the last 5 years!
Now at the ripe old age of ten, they are off to the Kanga Cup, in Canberra.
In early July, together with their parents and their two, totally dedicated coaches they will fight the cold and play against teams from all over Australia.
The young Rovers have been placed into Group F alongside Canberra FC, Essendon Royals and Woden Valley Spurs.
The McDonald’s Kanga Cup is the most prestigious youth tournament of its kind to be currently operating within Australia, is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere and one of the biggest tournaments in the world.
With one thing on their mind, rest assured, this hungry young Enfield Rovers outfit is certainly searching for the hope of lifting up that Kanga Cup.
The Enfield Rovers 10/1?s side take on Canberra FC in their first match on the 7th of July.
Football NSW wishes them all the best in the up and coming tournament.
Enfield Rovers 10/1?s side 2008
Nicolas Houliaras, Jospeh Tilio, Joshua Gould, Albert Nawananitawase, Roy Falcomata, Andrew Licata, Harley Brown, Christopher Conte, Ettore Pacilli, Anthony Bucciarelli, Theodore Phillips, Alessandro Nigro, Hayden Nitis, Natasha Camporeale, Alexander Guerriery, Christopher Famularo
Manager ? Paul Bucciarelli
Coach ? Dom Nigro