Busch reveals Manly intentions


Ask Busch a question and he gives a very, very full answer but it makes life easy for an interviewer and much of this can be put down to his knowledge of the art, he is a journalist for The Star in his native Newcastle after all.
Born in Newcastle 24-years ago, Beau is a single lad and states he is ?looking? for the lady in his life but more importantly than that, some say, he reveals Manly?s intentions for the remainder of this Telechoice Premier League season: ?We feel we are a match for any team and under Phil Moss we have the experience to go on and win the Grand Final.?
Fighting words perhaps but reality could be around the corner as confidence is a major part of any sport, particularly in a team environment, so where does he see the side going from here?
?We have played quite well this season but I don?t think we have really peaked as a unit.
?The first-half of the campaign was good, better than we hoped for, but the last few weeks have seen us lose a little bit of intensity and fall away slightly.
?The side has hit a little slump but we know we will come out of it stronger and tougher and, hopefully, just in time for the finals series.?
Manly have suffered a few one-nil losses lately which has hampered their finals chances slightly but it would really take a downturn for the club not to be in the finals but this has not had an effect on the side one way or the other: ?Sutherland have been the benchmark this year and we have had two tough games against them which, sadly we got nothing out of when perhaps we should have.
?We played well in parts of both matches against them this season but again we didn?t hit our best form and ended up on the wrong side of the scoreline.
?That said, we have done well against the top teams but have fallen short against some of the sides beneath us in the table for a combination of reasons although we know we are the match of any team when on song.?
Although quietly spoken you can hear the steely determination in the words and get the impression the guy knows what he wants and where he wants to be in life so if anyone believes this season is over, even with 4-5 rounds to play, think again.
Busch is in his final term at University where he has been studying for a Communications degree and believes a career in Public Relations, the media or marketing may well be his chosen career path when he hangs up the boots but staying within the game isn?t out of the question either: ?Maybe something like working in a club media department, perhaps not in football, or a coaching path might be an area I would look at in the future but at the moment I am concentrating on Uni and playing.?
Beginning his football with Newcastle?s Broadmeadow Magic he has also taken in the Breakers, Central Coast (twice) and Marconi and was also on the books of Newcastle Jets where, sadly, he never got any game time but the A-League is another avenue this lad would like to try at some stage.
Citing both Canavarro and Carlos Puyol as iconic figures, although admitting he doesn?t have any real ?heroes? as such, he will own up to following Barcelona and checking on their fortunes but you have to push hard to get those details unlike the following answer.
When confronted with the question of the club joker-in-the-pack, Busch cannot buck the trend when saying unequivocally that Craig Midgley is the man, and then offered this pearl: ?When we are training, one of our assistant managers joins in the occasional 5-a-side game but he isn?t renowned for his scoring prowess shall we say, even from right in front of an empty net, so he is often known as Les ?how did he miss that one?? Macedo, but his attempts often crack everyone up.?
Another point it proves is the close knit dressing room spirit which, if you?ve never experienced, cannot fully appreciate. A case of simply giving what you expect to take at some stage.
Beau Busch, about to be University degreed, jabberer, dry humored, player, nice guy and single.
Ladies, what are you waiting for???.?
-By Micky Brock