Bonnyrigg White Eagles v Sydney United live updates on


Earlier today, Sydney United reigned victorious over Bonnyrigg White Eagles in the Grade 20 TeleChoice Premier League clash 2-1. Goals from Mario Simie (Sydney United, 10?) and Vlado Kurtuma (Bonnyrigg White Eagles, 37?) saw the match headed for a draw. However an excellent individual goal from substitute Michael Surcevic (Sydney United) in the 90? minute completed an impressive performance by Sydney United.
1pm Kick-off!
5? Simonovic (BWE) shoots wide
7? Simonovic (BWE) shot from a freekick, easily saved.
11? GOAL Bonnyrigg White Eagles ? Simonovic (BWE) hits an excellent freekick which somehow found its way through the Sydney United wall into the bottom left hand corner. 1-0
14? Faria?s (BWE) shot deflected for a corner
15? Milicic (SU) shoots wide
20? Trifiro (SU) freekick from the far right saved easily by Akbal (BWE)
22? An excellent volley by Zonjic (BWE) from a corner finds its way just over the crossbar.
24? Barkhousir (SU) shoots wide
29? Simonovic (BWE) Yellow Card for a foul on Barkhousir (SU)
30? Scramble inside the Bonnyrigg White Eagles box sees efforts from Glavas (SU) and Zdrilic (SU) cleared of the line.
35? Devrimol (BWE) Yellow Card for a foul on Barkhousir (SU)
36? Header from Collina (SU) off the resulting freekick easily saved
38? Excellent cross from Milicic (SU) finds Glavas (SU) who under immense pressure is unable to hit the target from close range.
41? Milicic (SU) shot cleared off the line. Akbal (BWE) chipped from outside the box after goal mouth scramble. Devrimol (BWE) was there to save the day.
43? Barkhousir (SU) shot deflected for a corner.
44? GOAL Sydney United ? From the resulting corner Thompson (SU) whipped a corner in from the right which was well headed past Akbal (BWE) by Barkhousir (SU) inside the six yard box.1-1
46+1 Half Time! 1-1 In a well fought and entertaining fixture. Bonnyrigg White Eagles dominated the opening period of the first half. However, as the half went on, Sydney United began to show the class that has seen them top the TeleChoice Premier League. Be sure to join us in 15 minutes for the commencement of the second half.
1:06pm Second half kicks off!
50? Simonovic (BWE) shot inside the 18 yard box well blocked.
53? Barkhousir (SU) hits the side netting after another excellent cross by Milicic (SU)
55? Substitute (BWE) Graham (.10) off ? Willoughby (.8) on
58? Zonjic (BWE) shot on target but well saved by Janjetovic (SU)
59? Collina (SU) Yellow Card for a dangerous challenge.
61? Almost! An own goal by Vrkic (SU) after an excellent cross by Willoughby (BWE)
65? Substitute (BWE) D?Alessandro (.5) off ? Rivera (.13) on
68? Freekick by Rivera (BWE) just wide
69? Barkhousir (SU) effort saved by Akbal (BWE)
70? Substitute (SU) Barkhousir (.16) off ? Brodie(.7) on
77? Substitute (SU) Milicic (.10) off ? Cutura (.25) on
78? Simonovic (BWE) shot cleared off the line by Trifiro (SU). Corner spilled to Simonovic (BWE) whose volley from outside the box skimmed through the crowded penalty area only to be well kept out by Trifiro (SU)
80? Brodie?s (SU) shot hit wide
83? Substitute (BWE) Zonjic (.7) off ? Petrovic (.4) on
89? Zoric (BWE) Yellow Card
90? Simonovic?s (BWE) shot hit wide
90+4? Full Time 1-1 A deserving score after an entertaining fixture with neither side really asserting their dominance on the match.
Goals: Simonovic (BWE) 11? Barkhousir (SU) 44?
Shots: BWE 6 (3) SU 7 (6)
Corners: BWE 4 SU 8
Fouls: BWE 13 SU 17
Yellow Cards: Simonovic (BWE) 29?, Devrimol (BWE) 36?, Collina (SU) 59?, Zoric (BWE) 89?
Offsides: BWE 1 SU 3
Bonnyrigg White Eagles:
23.Ali Akbal; 2.Paul Cotte, 5.Mark D?Alessandro, 6.Ilkay Gurbuz , 7.Nikola Zonjic, 10.Fredrick Graham, 11.Almir Dizdaric, 19.Antonio Faria, 17.Milorad Simonovic, 18.Tayfun Devrimol (C), 20.Milan Zoric Substitutes: 1.Nenad Vekic; 4.David Petrovic, 8. Daniel Willougby 46? , 14.Drazen Janjic, 13.Nathan Rivera
Sydney United:
1.Vedran Janjetovic; 5.Damon Collina, 19.Mitchell Thompson, 6.Joe Vrkic, 36.Mitchell Spears, 9.David Zdrilic, 4.Milan Bosnar, 18.Glen Trifiro, 10.Ante Milicic 16.Elsid Barkhousir, 11.Luka Glavas. Substitutes: 7.Todd Brodie, 2.Ricky Perinich, 25.Dennis Cutura, 20.Michael Frost.