?Off The Post? radio program supports TeleChoice Premier League


Liverpool?s Community radio station 89.3FM 2GLF has introduced an exciting duo to host a premium talk show for football enthusiasts and the local community.
Con Pappas, 26 and Leon Dimino, 25 have teamed up to host ?Off The Post? (OTP), dedicated to football from around the globe and on a domestic scope.  OTP has aimed to highlight all the round ball action from the weekend, deliver important football news, update on current competitions, voice an opinion towards the development of Football in Australia, interview special guests from both the Telechoice Premier League and A-League and interact with the local community to further develop the growing football market in Western Sydney.
As fellow Football enthusiasts, Con and Leon?s passion for the game is truly inspiring. Their contribution to the sport demonstrates the ever popular growth and development of the game on a domestic level.  They represent all football fanatics by voicing the thoughts and beliefs within the football community.
?Our mission (if you choose to accept it) is to inform and entertain our listeners about the wonderful world of Football.  We both have a passion for the game and believe in the sport as a religion. If we could incorporate the same mentality into the people of the community, we will strive closer to our goal of influencing the development of a professional football team in the West of Sydney?.
Con and Leon?s involvement in the growing profile of Football was documented in a series supported by the Football Federation of Australia (FFA).  ?Fansformation? depicts the growing profile and attraction of professional football on a domestic level by influencing the emotions and introducing a new market to the internationally renowned world game.  Experience the clash of two worlds, the football fanatics against the sleeping giant on www.fansformation.com.  
Tune in to ?Off The Post? football talk show on 89.3fm 2GLF on Tuesday nights at 8pm, or listen to the show live on the website www.893fm.com.au .
For any thoughts, topics, issues and opinions call 9822 8893 during broadcasting or email otp@893fm.com.au . You may also contact OTP hosts for further information:
Con  0411 079 640
Leon 0401 803 330.