Road to recovery with Phil Zabaks Part 2


?She was very worried at first but now she knows I am able to look after myself she is more relaxed now and actually able to sleep at night.
?I can cook, clean and do all the usual things except I am not allowed to drive at the moment which is something I have always loved to do so that is a nuisance!,? he chuckles again.
In a matter such as this it is generally the recipient of the injury who garners all attention and few think to look beyond those boundaries and realise the effect on those close to them and for Brooke she has gone from newlywed to honeymooner to the worry of, as a worst case scenario, a widower in less than eight weeks so it comes as no surprise she must feel as though she has been put through the wringer but as Phil points out; ?She has been a tower of strength and an immense support for me and I am sorry she has had to go through this with me but we will come out of it stronger I have no doubt.?
The biggest regret Zabaks has about the incident is the fact he believes he was having a great season: ?That is annoying because I thought I was going well but accidents happen and I hold no anger about it as it was no-ones fault.
?No-one deliberately lashed out at me and it was just one of those things but it won?t stop me coming out in the same way as I always have as I?ve done it hundreds of times in the past and this is the first time I?ve ever had anything remotely like this happen.?
So will this ?keeper change his attitude to the game or the way he handles coming off the line in future?
?No because of the previous answer.
?Whichever way you look at it, it was an unfortunate accident and I was just unlucky but it hasn?t changed my opinion of the game or why I love it.
?When something like this happens of course you question yourself but when you?ve had the time to rethink things you realise it was one of those things and to be honest I would love to be back out there playing this weekend but I know that isn?t going to happen so I?ll take things as they come.?
Goalkeepers are often undermined as being the ones who possess an I.Q. lower than a kids shoe size for the very fact they are in the thick of things and hurling themselves at the feet of on-rushing strikers etc. so therefore have very little up top but Zabaks shows this to be nonsense and here?s hoping we see the lad back in action sooner rather than later but only when the time is right because the NSW Premier League, taking nothing away from his replacement at Bonnyrigg White Eagles, is just that little bit poorer from his absence.
However, it really is a lesson to us all that behind a great lad is always a greater female whether it be a Mum, a girlfriend or a strong wife like Brooke so we applaud them both as the Zabaks family continue the long road to recovery during which we wish them well.
-By Micky Brock