View from the Top – David Zdrilic Part 2


?It is often very hectic to say the least but the one thing I have noticed with being so busy is that I don?t always have the time to worry about things because I?m pretty much often on the go and that is actually a bonus.
?With my player/coach duties I know I can rely on the support of the back room staff (Assistant coach?s Richard Plesa and Mike Gibson plus Strength and Conditioning coach Adam Waterson) to implement the ideas and training schedules we come up with and see they are carried out which removes a great deal of the stress involved and gives me the freedom to pursue other things.?
This in no way detracts from a man who cares passionately about Sydney United and all the ventures he partakes in which is why the diversity seems great but the end result is his continued participation in a sport he loves dearly but, as a journalist, I know the immense undertaking needed in order to relate information in easily digestible portions but the requirements of television are far greater.
?It?s true in television you need to know your subject matter thoroughly so you actually know what you are talking about and that does take many hours of research, study and dedication if you are to pull it off but the upside is that when you are doing something you are passionate about and you feel you are putting something back into the sport you love it becomes far easier to undertake because of the high level of interest you have in it.
?I have always felt that when I decided to retire I would like to go into coaching and probably the media and I feel very fortunate I am actually doing those things right now.?
So why the involvement with the PFA when stretched to such an extent at this time?
?I consider myself incredibly fortunate with my playing career and have been able to learn many things other than just the playing side of the game so I have always been interested in the well being of my fellow professionals and I like to think that with my experience I can offer a valid and balanced view in regard to player related issues.
?It?s a part-time position but is quite involved as you can imagine that is often challenging but enjoyable and I will look to keep doing it for as long as I feel I am able to contribute in a positive manner.?
What come across when speaking with Zdrilic is not the one dimensional man but the multi faceted character who is based in football but wouldn?t be out of his depth in a large corporate body. He is intelligent, quick-thinking, ready with a quip and, after all that research no doubt, knowledgeable, approachable and in no way different to the young lad I first encountered all those years ago at Sydney United back in the old NSL days.
Deeply dedicated with a laugh never far away, we thank ?Zdrila? for his time and wish him the best for the future.

-By Micky Brock