Football NSW entertain at SpecFest for Schools Spectacular


The Football NSW community team featured heavily as part of the two-day outdoor entertainment known as SpecFest to support the NSW Department of Education’s ‘Schools Spectacular’ event at Qudos Bank Arena held last Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November.

The showcase ‘Star’ themed event welcomed over 5,500 students from NSW Public Schools to perform, expressing their talents, beliefs and identity.

Throughout a busy time for performers at the event, students, teachers and family members appreciated the time to relax and enjoy a variety of sporting and leisure activities at SpecFest before and after the show.

A NSW Department of Education spokesperson highlighted the importance of what SpecFest brought to the table for the Australian sporting public.

“With over 35,000 attendees on the 22 and 23rd November, it’s an amazing opportunity to engage face to face with NSW public schools students, teachers and family members.”

Football NSW’s Game Development Officers had the opportunity to interact with students who previously had not played the sport or participated as part of a team.

Mini-fields were set up for small-sided football games where many girls and boys joined in.

While, the ALDI MiniRoos inflatable shooting target made an appearance on the first day that created a sense of excitement with its challenging hoop.

The Football NSW team encouraged participants through demonstration and provided valuable tips for striking the ball.

Ultimately, they were rewarded for their efforts with Match-Attax Football Cards, frisbees and wristbands as prizes.

Among other codes to feature as part of the sporting extravaganza at SpecFest were Gymnastics NSW, Netball NSW, Tennis NSW and Sydney Kings with their own activities that contributed to an incredible display.

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-By Mitchell Kerr