Return to Football Update – Friday 14th January 2022


On Friday, 24 December 2021, an updated Public Health Order (PHO) came into effect mandating the wearing of face masks for persons over 12 years of age in indoor areas (noting masks can be removed when undertaking exercise).

Following the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, Football NSW has provided this Update to provide clarity around current NSW Government rules with respect to sport and exercise.

It is not the intent of Football NSW to dictate what steps Associations, Clubs or Centres should take and these entities should determine what is most appropriate for their particular circumstances, taking into account the well-being of their participants, volunteers and staff.

Some Associations, Clubs or Centres may choose to apply stricter requirements on their participants than those required under the PHO.  For example, a Futsal Centre may choose to require attendees to be fully vaccinated and to provide vaccination evidence.  The Futsal Centre is entitled to implement this requirement and participants are free to choose not to show vaccination evidence – however, the Futsal Centre is entitled to refuse them entry.

Sport and Exercise

Anyone can participate in sport and exercise.

  • People are no longer required to be fully vaccinated or carry vaccination evidence.
  • COVID-19 Safe Check-in is only required at gyms (but not at dance, yoga, pilates, gymnastics or martial art studios).
  • Face masks are required indoors for any persons over 12 years of age when not participating in exercise. The requirement for face masks includes the use of changerooms and amenity blocks.
  • Density limits no longer apply.
  • COVID Safety Plans are no longer required.

Outdoor recreation facilities

  • Density limits and vaccination status no longer apply for outdoor gatherings.
  • Community sports, including matches, competitions and training, can take place for all participants regardless of vaccination status.
  • The wearing of masks in outdoor settings is not mandated, however Football NSW encourages all members of the football community to assess their surroundings and make decisions that are in the best interest of their health and those around them.

Indoor recreation facilities (e.g. Futsal)

  • Indoor recreation facilities can operate with no person or capacity limits in place.
  • Face masks are required indoors when not participating in exercise for any persons over 12 years of age.


  • Football NSW insurances only apply to sanctioned football activities while those activities and while participants are compliant with the PHOs.
  • Participants who are injured while participating during a sanctioned football activity are covered by the Football NSW personal injury insurance for injuries sustained as a result of football participation (subject to policy terms and conditions), however, claims related to COVID-19 are an exclusion under our policies.

The above guidelines commence from Friday, 14 January 2022. Football NSW will issue a further update following any changes to PHOs.

Football NSW’s latest COVID-19 updates and resources can be found on the Football NSW COVID-19 information page.

Football NSW
14 January 2022