Is your club ‘Rescue Ready’?


The power to save lives is in our hands. Today could be the day the unimaginable happens.

Football NSW alongside the Heartbeat of Football (HOF) have established a ‘Rescue Ready’ guide for clubs to utilise as a reference should an incident occur.

Today could be the day that you need to rescue, or be rescued by, someone with an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

An AED is a life-saving device which should be installed, properly maintained and accessible at all times.

Check out the ‘Rescue Ready’ Guide here and Together we can save lives.


About Heartbeat of Football

Heartbeat of Football (HOF), a not-for-profit organisation, was established in early 2016 by media personality and football enthusiast Andy Paschalidis as a direct result of cardiac arrest events on the football field.

Heartbeat of Football promotes healthy hearts in sport via:

  • Awareness: player, participant, and community education programs.
  • Prevention: minimisation of health risks through simple screening checks.
  • Action: “rescue-ready” defibrillators at all sporting fields around the country, starting in NSW.