Heartfelt Funding Towards Safety 

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The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant has announced its list of successful applicants, marking a significant boost for sports safety in NSW with a generous $500,000 in funding.

The primary objective of this grant is to equip sport and recreation facilities across the state with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), crucial devices that can potentially save lives in emergency situations. 

Football stands out as a notable beneficiary of the Local Sport Defibrillator Grant, with 14 clubs being awarded these life-saving devices. The total funding allocated to football across NSW surpasses $36,000, a testament to the commitment to ensuring safety within the sport. Distribution of the funds saw 9 affiliated associations within the Football NSW demographic receiving a total of $33,791.00. 

Among the recipients, Southern Districts Soccer Football Association emerges as a significant recipient, securing four of the 14 AEDs. Situated in a rapidly expanding region both in terms of football participation and population, these devices hold immense potential to make a transformative impact, potentially saving lives within the community. The combined value of the grants awarded to Southern Districts stands at $11,285, generously funded by the NSW State Government. 

 “The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant has been a fantastic grant initiate allowing football clubs across NSW to equip themselves with life saving devices that are making a difference at the community level,” said Football NSW Manager Government Relations, Funding, and Infrastructure Daniel Ristic.

“We thank the NSW Government for their investment and look forward to continual funding for defibrillators well into the future.” 

Recent times have seen a heightened focus on the cardiac health of athletes, driven by an increase in incidents related to heart conditions. The repercussions of such events can be life-altering, highlighting the importance of proactive measures.

Many football clubs recognise the necessity of having AED devices readily accessible to their teams, with local councils incorporating them into plans for facilities under their jurisdiction. 

The Local Sport Defibrillator Grant has been an ongoing initiative since the 2018/19 period, consistently making strides in enhancing the safety of sports for all participants.  

Heartbeat of Football, a Football NSW community heart partner, plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about health and overall well-being among all sporting participants. Their efforts align with the broader goal of ensuring that sports environments are not only competitive and enjoyable but also safe and supportive of the health needs of all involved. 

Football NSW strongly supports ensuring that all participants are well-prepared, and that the environment is safe for everyone involved. For more details, visit the dedicated ‘Members Protection’ page on their website by following this link