Football NSW League One Men’s

Fixtures Club Championship

About the League

The Football NSW League One Men’s is the top tier league of men’s football in NSW. The competition consists of 12 teams competing in a round-robin structure where each side plays one another twice; upon completion a Premier is crowned.

The top five sides by the end of the season compete in the Championship Series. The Championship Series consists of six games, whereby the five teams competing are whittled down to just two. The teams are seeded upon their entry into the Championship Series according to their final position on the ladder. The final two teams compete in the Grand Final, where the Football NSW League 1 Men’s Champion is decided.

Professional Contract Information

Match TeamsMatch Number Match DateMatch TimeHome TeamAway TeamVenue
Preliminary Semi Final2nd V 3rd1TBATBATBATBATBA
Elimination Semi Final4th V 5th2TBATBATBATBATBA
Major Semi Final1st V Winner Match 13TBATBATBATBATBA
Minor Semi FinalLoser Match 1 V Winner Match 24TBATBATBATBATBA
Preliminary FinalLoser Match 3 V Winner Match 45TBATBATBATBATBA
Grand FinalWinner Match 3 V Winner Match 56TBATBATBATBATBA


1957Canterbury Marrickville
1964APIA Leichhardt
1965South Coast United
1966APIA Leichhardt
1967APIA Leichhardt
1968Hakoah Eastern Suburbs
1969South Coast United
1970Hakoah Eastern Suburbs
1971Hakoah Eastern Suburbs
1972St. George-Budapest
1973Hokoah Eastern Suburbs
1974Hakoah Eastern Suburbs
1975APIA Leichhardt Tigers
1976St. George Budapest
1977Croatia Sydney
1978Croatia Sydney
1979Croatia Sydney
1980Melita Eagles
1981Croatia Sydney
1982Croatia Sydney
1983Melita Eagles
1984Inter Monaro
1985Canterbury Marrickville
1986Melita Eagles
1987Wollongong City
1988Blacktown City
1989Melita Eagles
1990Wollongong Macedonia
1991Sutherland Shire
1993Blacktown City
1994Bankstown City
1995Warringah Dolphins
1996Sutherland Sharks
1997Parramatta Eagles
1998Bonnyrigg White Eagles
1999Bonnyrigg White Eagles
200Blacktown City Demons
2001Bankstown City Lions
2002Rockdale City Suns
2003Sydney Crescent Star
2004Manly Warringah Dolphins
2005FC Bossy Liverpool
2006Rockdale City Suns
2007Northern Tigers
2008Bonnyrigg White Eagles
2009Rockdale City Suns
2010Parramatta Eagles
2011Blacktown Spartans
2012Northern Tigers
2013St George FC
2014Parramatta FC
2015Spirit FC
2016Sydney FC
2017 Marconi Stallions
2018St George FC
2019Hills United FC