Player Interview with Blacktown Spartans Captain Bronwyn Jarvis


Bronwyn Jarvis (BJ to her friends)
Occupation: Cabinet maker
Representative honours: NSW Junior Representative. Futsal, represented NSW at senior, junior and secondary school level, selected for Australian Futsal team (Futsalroos)
Current Club?: Blacktown Spartans
Which junior club did you play for?: Forest Rangers, then St George Association representative squads.
Why football?: When I was little I used to go and watch my big brother play soccer. Well, I actually climbed trees around the parks whilst his games were on. Mum thought it would be better to sign me up to play so that she knew where I was!
Players you admire?: Anissa Tann (Sutherland Sharks)
Most respected opponent?:  All of them.
Interests outside of football?: Baseball, in which I?ve represented NSW.
Favourite meal before a game?: Bananas?..don?t ask me why. It?s all in my head!
Who?d be your ideal dinner date?: Brad Pitt. It would have been Heath Ledger but??.
Your favourite football memory?: Being named State League Player of the Year in 2002.
Who are the teams to beat in the 2008 Arrive Alive NSW Womens Super League?: Blacktown Spartans, of course!
Thanks for your time Bronwyn. Good luck to you and The Spartans in 2008.